EPS 1KS Series

EPS 1KS Series

The TechValve E.P.S. (Electronic Pneumatic Spray) is a spray system designed to handle low to mid (1-300 cps) viscosity, single component materials. Materials such as conformal coatings, lubricants, mold release agents as well as one part clear coats, paints and primers. The system is used in conjunction with most any type of automatic spray valve.

Using standard 120vac. 60Hz/10-15 amp power and 80-120 psi makes initial set up fast and easy.

The pressurized fluid reservoir (1 or 2 gal) keeps a constant steady flow of
material to the spray valve which eliminates any surging, collapse or winking of
the fan pattern.

The dual gages on the enclosure display the current fluid pressure as well as the atomizing air pressure.

The E.P.S. System can be controlled by any type of robot or automated system
that has a 24vdc or dry contact/relay output.

With a fluid flow rate in excess of 50 oz. per min. you can cover a lot of area in
short order.

But it can also be turned down low enough to produce a fine mist and/or coupled with available micro valves, can cover very small areas.

The system has twin air regulators for controlling the fluid pressure and the
atomizing air at the spray valve.

The fluid reservoirs come in two capacities: 1gal. and 2gal. For safety, they all
have pressure relief valves mounted in the caps.

With a foot print of only H 16” x W 18” x D 7”, it is very easy to install even in
areas with limited space.

If wall space is a problem, an optional floor stand is available.

Technical Specifications
 Reservoir Capacity: 1 or 2 Gal. Can also be fed from remote reservoir.
Viscosity range: 1-300 cps.
Fluid Pressure Regulator: Controls the fluid delivery to the spray valve.
Atomizing Air Regulator: Controls the air pressure used to atomize the fluid stream.
Trigger Air: This is the air supply that triggers the automatic spray valve and allows the material to flow. This is controlled by the onboard solenoid and its action is automatic when the system is triggered.
Spray Valve: This system is only for use with “Automatic Valves,” TechValve can supply a wide range of automatic valves or the customer can supply their own.
Flow Rate: Adjustable flow rate from 0 up to 50 oz./min.
Trigger Input: The E.P.S. system accepts either a 24vdc input or a dry contact/relay input for activation.
Power Supply: Onboard 24vdc power supply for air solenoid activation.
Voltage: Standard 120vac. 60 Hz/10-15 amp.
Air requirements: 80-120 psi @ 25cfm.
Operating Temp Range: 40F-120F
Control Enclosure Mounting: Standard is wall mount. There are four mounting holes in the back of the enclosure. Optional floor stand is available.
Approx. Dimensions: H 16” x W 18” x D 7” with 1 gal. reservoir.