PC 2K Series

The TechValve PC 2KS spray series is a 2 component electronic servo driven variable ratio system. The systems produce very accurate ratios +/- 1% and require no tools or mechanical adjustments. All setup and control functions are set using the touch screen HMI.

The systems are available with optional onboard liquid reservoirs (available in acrylic, aluminum and stainless steel.) the units can also be fed from any type of reservoirs, pressure pots or transfer pumps.

The onboard H.M.I. touch screen control panel gives the operator full control of
all the systems standard programmable features. Features such as:

PC 2K Series
  • A/B fluid ratios.
  • Spray fluid pressure.
  • Material flow rates.
  • A-B-A/B pump selection.
  • Ratio check flow rate.
  • A-B jog controls.

The touch screen control is very intuitive and requires no programing experience on the part of the operator. The touch screen is located inside the electrical enclosure for protection against over spray and contamination.

All programing pre-sets can be set and then locked and only accessed using a multi digit access code.


For manual operation the system uses diaphragm faced digital pressure transducers to activate the metering pumps. When coupled with automation or robotics the system can accept a 5-24vdc, relay or dry contact trigger to start and stop operation.

PC 2K Series

The system uses positive displacement Progressive Cavity pumps for smooth continuous flow of materials with viscosity ranges from water to non-flow able paste materials. With flow rates from 10-1480 cc/min for our standard pumps to 40-5920 cc/min with our optional high flow pumps, both systems can handle multiple operators.

  PC 2K Series Our closed loop servo drives guarantee ratio accuracy and powerful, smooth
fluid delivery. The PLC control system coupled with the touch screen HMI make
set-up simple and easy for both human operators or when coupled with
automation or robotics. Using standard 120vac. 60Hz/15-20 amp power makes initial set up fast and easy.

Operational benefits of the TechValve 2KS system include very few moving parts, true continuous flow and non-reciprocating pumps.

PC 2K Series

Most manufactures of plural component systems use reciprocating pumps which can cause severe pressure drops every time the pumps change direction. The Progressive Cavity pumps in the TechValve system are rotary not reciprocating, which produces a constant steady flow of material to the spray valve/gun which eliminates any surging, collapse or winking of the fan pattern.

The Progressive Cavity pumps eliminate the pistons, piston seals, check valves and flow meters found in systems that use reciprocating pumps. Progressive Cavity pumps are exceptionally resistant to abrasive/filled materials.

Technical Specifications
Pump System: Positive Displacement Progressive Cavity pumps.
Controls: 3.5 “ Touch screen
Material supply: Pressure pots, diaphragm pumps or transfer pumps.
Viscosity range: Water-paste.
Max Inlet Pressure: 200 psi.
Working Pressure range: 0-300 psi.  NOTE:Can add a booster pump after the static mixer to go higher.
Flush Valve: The flush valve is manual.
Ratio Range: 1:1-10:1
Ratio Check Station: Standard
Max Flow Rate: 2715 cc/min. @1:1 ratio.
Voltage: Standard 120vac or 220vac. 60hz
Air requirements: 80-100 psi @ 25 cfm.
Static Mixer: Uses static mixers for material blending.
Materials of Construction: Hard anodized aluminum and SS for the pump and SS for the valves & pressure transducers. Optional entire SS construction.
Operating Temp Range: 40F-120F
Mounting: Wall mount.
Enclosure dimensions: 12 H X 12W X 6 D
Overall System dimensions: 36 H X 12W(with no reservoirs) X 8 D